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ME365 POSTLAB 5B Fall 2011 1) List the you found in the lab using both counting method and log linearization method. Which method do you think is better and why? 2) In order to protect the RTD and TC, they are completely sealed by steel tubes. If the tubes are removed, which one of the four characteristics mentioned in the Pre-lab do you expect to change and why? 3) Considering 2), if we are trying to use an RTD to measure a quickly varying temperature and we have two alternative shielding tubes of the same size, one made of aluminum and the other made of glass, which shielding tube is better? (Hint: thermal conductivity: 237
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Unformatted text preview: / ( ) W m k Aluminum, 1.1 / ( ) W m k Glass) 4) Consider we first use a TC to measure the temperature of a fluid by placing the TC in the center of the fluid. How will the reading change if the TC is placed such that it touches the bottom of the beaker? How will it change if the TC is placed such that its tip touches only the surface of the fluid? 5) If you use the TC to measure the temperature of oil, and then you use it to measure the temperature of water without cleaning the oil that was left on the TC, how will this affect the response of the TC and why? (Hint: consider the heat transfer process)...
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