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ME 365 POSTLAB EXERCISE FOR LAB 6 FALL 2011 In order to reduce the noise level of a CD player, the engineers have decided to use a simple RLC circuit to filter out the high frequency noise. The RLC circuit we plan to use as the low-pass filter should have a frequency operating range up to 15 kHz, which is defined as 70.7% value of the magnitude of the low frequency . It should also have a damping ratio of 1/ 3 in order to avoid unwanted amplification due to the resonant peak of the frequency response. To minimize cost, we would like to use our in-stock inductors of 0.02 H. 1) Choose a capacitor and a resistor to achieve the desired filter. Write down detailed calculations. 2) Attach a step-response plot of the RLC circuit and a Bode plot of the frequency response function of the RLC circuit using the component values that you have specified.
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Unformatted text preview: NOTE: MATLAB step and bode commands If you have a frequency response function of the form: Y j b 1 j b o a 2 j 2 a 1 j a o Take all of the “jω” terms and replace them with something else, for example, “s,” so that: Y s b 1 s b o a 2 s 2 a 1 s a o Now, you can use this function to generate a bode plot and step response of your Y(jω) function in MATLAB. Simply define some variable—“sys” for example—and use the step and bode commands as follows: >>sys = tf([b 1 b o ] , [a 2 , a 1 , a o ]) >>step(sys) >>bode(sys) Try entering the example below for b 1 = 0, b o = 1, a 2 = 1, a 1 = 2, and a o = 3, and see what you get. Use this method to make Bode and step response plots for this post-lab. Do not forget to label your axes of your step response! >> sys = tf(1, [1, 2, 3]); >> step(sys) >> bode(sys) R L C V in (t) V out (t)...
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