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ME 365 POSTLAB 8 Fall 2011 MEMORANDUM To: ME 365 Students From: F.S. McGee Re: Calculation of Fourier Coefficients Date: October 26, 2011 I need some help in calculating the Fourier Series coefficients for a specific waveform. I understand that you have some experience in this area and was hoping that you could help me out. The project that I'm working on involves tests on a communications network. I need to output specific signals to the network during the tests. The only equipment that I have to output the signal is a number of sinewave generators and a 12-volt battery with a variable voltage divider (to provide a DC component, if one is needed). The signals that I need should look like the waveforms in Figure 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Because of the limited bandwidth available on the network, the maximum frequency that can be used is 5 Hz. The signals generated are filtered using a low pass filter with cutoff frequency 5 Hz and a gain of 1. Figure 1: Required test waveforms. Please provide me with the formula to generate the Fourier Series coefficients for the waveforms in Figure 1 and write a Matlab program to determine the first twelve coefficients. Please provide plots of the signal ( vs . time) that will be produced if I use the Fourier coefficients that you provide. Also, provide plots of the filtered signal ( vs. time) that will be produced after passing through the low pass filter. 3 Signal (V) t (sec) 1 2 t (sec) 1 -1 1 2 Signal (V)...
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