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ME 365 PRELAB 8 Fall 2011 GENERATION OF PERIODIC SIGNALS BY USING FOURIER SERIES You can generate any periodic signal by summing a series of sine and cosine signals of proper amplitude and frequency. In Laboratory 8 you will be using a LabVIEW program connected to a digital to analog converter to generate two different periodic signals (a square wave and a saw-tooth wave). To accomplish this task, you will be completing a new VI that allows you to specify sinusoidal signals in terms of both amplitude and phase. Answer the following questions to prepare for the lab. 1. Sketch the following waveforms. Indicate the signal period and amplitude in your sketches. A square wave with amplitude of 1 volt, a frequency of 2 Hz, a 50% duty cycle, and the characteristics: (0 ) 1.0, (0 )
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