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1 ME365 Static Calibration 1 Static Calibration • Calibration Defined • Range and Span • Nonlinearity • Hysteresis • Resolution •Standards ME365 Static Calibration 2 Building Blocks Signal Conditioning Element Signal Processin g Element Data Acquisition Element Data Presentation Element Sensing Element (Transducer) Input True Value Modify signal into form usable by the final stage, e.g. amplification, modulation etc. Bridge Circuit Filters ADC Convert signal into forms suitable for presentation. Visual Display Reports & Memos
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2 ME365 Static Calibration 3 Building Blocks • Sensing Element – Uses physical or chemical effects to covert input into a form suitable for manipulation – converting from one energy domain to another – transduction • Signal Conditioning Element – Convert or manipulate sensing element output to a form suitable for acquisition and storage • Data Acquisition Element – Capture signal conditioning element output into a form (data/code) that can be stored or presented
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lec02_handout - Static Calibration Calibration Defined...

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