syllabus_Fall11 - Fall 2011 ME 365: MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS

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2 ME 365 ORGANIZATION AND COURSE POLICY ME 365 covers modeling and instrumentation of physical systems. The student should leave the course with a better appreciation of the behavior of dynamic systems and a good grasp of measurement fundamentals applicable to a wide range of engineering problems. Some specific comments in regard to course policy are noted below. 1. Homework : Problems will be assigned and collected in lecture. Problems will be due one week after they are assigned unless otherwise specified. Late homework will not be accepted! Late means after the start of your class period. The student’s name, lecture time , and lab day and time must be noted on the homework solution! Answer each question on a separate sheet of pape r so that the homework can be split up for grading. A copy of the assignment will be placed on the website. 2. Laboratory : The laboratory is an integral part of the course; 30% of the course grade is based on lab material. During the semester, a number of standard experiments of one to two weeks duration will be carried out, followed by a short project. Satisfactory completion of ALL experiments and associated assignments is required to earn a passing grade in the course . Lab assignment scores will be penalized by 30% points /day late. Note, even if you will receive a score of zero, because it is over three days late, it must be submitted to receive a passing grade in the class. A submitted assignment is only accepted if the Teaching Assistant feels that there has been some reasonable attempt made to do the assignment. Lab assignments, as with course homework, are to be prepared independently . Cooperative efforts in assignment solutions will be penalized by dividing the grade by the number of participants. 3. Grading : Course grades will be based on the following point distribution (total points possible = 1000). Exam 1 150 1 Exam 2 150 1 Final (Comprehensive) 300 2 Homework 100 3 Laboratory Pre- and Post Laboratory Assignments/Quizzes 200 1 Lab Review 20 1 Short Project: Oral and Short Report 80 Class is not curved. Teaching Assistant variations in grading are accounted for. A straight scale is used, but sliding grade cutoffs will be determined at the end of the semester. The performance of students very close to, but below, a grade cutoff are reviewed in more detail but no student in this category who does poorly (<70%) in Homework or in Lab will be considered for an upgrade. 1 Regrades may be requested for two class periods after the tests are returned. Requests must be written concisely and given to your Lecturer together with your exam script. 2
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This note was uploaded on 12/26/2011 for the course ME 365 taught by Professor Merkle during the Fall '07 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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syllabus_Fall11 - Fall 2011 ME 365: MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS

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