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1 Name___________________________ November 15, 2007 Prof. Lucht ME 255 1. POINT DISTRIBUTION Problem #1 40 points _________________ Problem #2 30 points _________________ Problem #3 30 points _________________ 2. EXAM INSTRUCTIONS Write your name on each sheet. This exam is closed book and closed notes. Major hint: When calculating partition functions using the formula exp / j j B j Z g k T , write down the individual terms in the summation: you will need them later to calculate populations and properties. Several equation sheets are attached. When working the problems, list all assumptions, and begin with the basic equations. If you do not have time to complete evaluation of integrals or of terms numerically, remember that the significant credit on each problem will be given for setting up the problem correctly and/or obtaining the correct analytical solution. ME 501 Exam #2
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