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ME501HW5F2011 - 1 ME 501 Homework#5 Due Wednesday November...

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1 ME 501 Homework #5 Due Wednesday, November 9, 2011 Prof. Lucht (E-mail address: [email protected]) 1. NML Problem 5.9. 2. Diatomic nitrogen (N 2 ) is heated to 3600 K at 0.1 bar pressure, and during the process some of the nitrogen molecules dissociate to nitrogen atoms according to 2 2 N N . Calculate the equilibrium composition of the mixture at 3600 K and 0.1 bar. The table value for the equilibrium constant for this reaction is 7 1.233 10 at 3600 K for a standard pressure of 0.1 MPa. How does your answer compare to the equilibrium composition calculated using this table value? 3. Determine the equilibrium ratio 2 O H O OH N N N N at T = 2000 K for the reaction
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