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Notes on Working with Excel’s Advanced Filtering Retrieving Partial Data If you want to extract filtered data to another location in the worksheet, you need not retrieve all the data. If you want just certain columns of data, put just those column labels in the location to extract to and then select just those columns when prompted by the filtering command. For example: here, “Copy to” defines and retrieves only 3 columns of filtered data: columns N:P. The 3 columns are whichever have labels specified in this “Copy to” range. Copy To Options Remember that Excel does not permit you to specify another worksheet or workbook as your “Copy to” location. Using the Advanced Filter you can only either filter in place or filter to another area on the same worksheet that holds the data. Name Your List Name the list if you’re more comfortable using a list name instead of cell references when completing the Advanced Filter dialog. (If you make any cell of the list the current cell when you invoke the dialog, Excel recognizes the list if it can.)
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