- For"Allow" choose"List" For"Source" indicate your list range including the blank cell Click OK Copy this cell down

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Creating a Drop-Down Selection Box for Data Entry The Database The list   Date Amount Category Personal Operations Research The problem You want your users to enter info in an Excel list but want to minimize typing and possible user errors. You want the "Category" option to be a drop-down selection. How to * Create the list of options you want in the drop down. (See "the list" above.) * Include in the list one blank cell. The first is best. Type a space in the cell. * Click the first cell under "Category" in the list to make it current.
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Unformatted text preview: * For "Allow" choose "List". For "Source" indicate your list range, including the blank cell. * Click OK. * Copy this cell down the column so the cells beneath it have the same characteristic. * Try it out. Whenever you click in a "Category" column cell, the drop down should appear to allow the user to make a selection from the list without typing. Benefits Easier for the user and no chance of user error. * From Excel's menus, choose Tools, Data Validation to open the "Data Validation" dialog....
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