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Format Tips 1 IX. Format Tips Excel rows and columns have a standard height and width. You can check on the height of any row and the width of any column by clicking its header (or any cell) to select it and choosing Format, Row, Height or Format, Column, Width . To change the height of a row or the width of a column, enter a different value (zero to 409 for a row or zero through 255 for a column). For a row, this number represents the row height in points. If you set the row height to zero, the row is hidden. For a column, this number represents the number of characters that can be displayed in a cell formatted with the standard font. If you set the column width to zero, the column is hidden. You can also change row height and column width by dragging the borders of the row and column headers. Or use the auto-adjusting feature in Excel. For example, the illustration at left shows truncated labels in Column A and a truncated value in Cell B3. To quickly adjust column widths to accommodate the widest value in that column, double click on the divider between column headers. For example, double-clicking the divider between the Column A and B headers auto expands the width of Column A so all labels display properly. Double-clicking between B and C auto expands the width of Column B so Cell B3’s value displays.
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Format Tips 2 Autoformat There are lots of manual formatting options you can apply to your spreadsheet, but Excel also offers an autoformat option. This option works best if your spreadsheet has a pretty standard layout with header rows and columns and data in a matrix sort of format. You can select a range to which to apply an Excel autoformat or you can autoformat an entire spreadsheet at once. If you don’t like an autoformat you’ve applied, you can use Excel’s undo option to remove it. A simple spreadsheet like the one below would be suitable for application of an
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IX-FormatTips - IX Format Tips Row column autofit Excel...

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