ProjectionAndRegression - 12/20/2011

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12/20/2011 0f76dc3a3a748428089e5d8b5442c1a88f700dc5.xls Excel offers a number of means to project future values and to perform regression analysis: Calculating a straight line or exponential curve from existing Use of the Regression tool in the Analysis Toolpak add-in ( TookPak ) Adding a trendline to a chart ( Chart Trendline ) Completing values with the Series command ( Series ) Projecting values with the FORECAST function ( Functions ) Projecting values with the TREND or GROWTH functions ( Functions ) data using the LINEST or LOGEST functions ( Functions )
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The Regression Tool in the ToolPak Add-In Finding the Regression Tool Part of Excel is an add-in named the "Analysis ToolPak".  From Excel's menus select option "Data Analysis…" in the list, you need to add in or on the checkmark to the install and add in the Analysis ToolPak. left of "Analysis ToolPak". Starting the Regression Tool a dialog like the one below displays: Regression is one of the analysis tools in the Analysis ToolPak. 
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ProjectionAndRegression - 12/20/2011

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