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Data Management Essentials 1 VII. Data Management Essentials Sort Excel recognizes a list or data set if the data in the list is contiguous, bordered by blank cells or an edge of the worksheet, and has labels that are differentiated in some way from the data. In the example below, the labels are bolded and have a border. To sort a list like this, click any cell in the list and choose Data, Sort . Excel opens the Sort dialog that permits a sort on up to three levels at a time, with an Ascending or Descending specification for each. If your list has headers, Excel uses those header names to ask how you want the data sorted. The Options button opens the Sort Options dialog that lets you specify a particular sort order other than Excel’s default. (See Tools, Options, Custom Lists to specify your own sort order.) In the Sort Options dialog you can also specify whether you want Excel to consider case when sorting your data and whether you want a left-right sort instead of the default top-to-bottom sort.
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Data Management Essentials 2 Autofilter Excel’s Autofilter makes it easy to make on-the-fly groupings of list data. Click any cell in the list and choose Data, Filter, Autofilter to turn on the Autofilter. The Autofilter establishes drop-down arrows to the right of each header in your list. In the illustration below, drop-down arrows are displayed to the right of the column list headers Sales Division, Market, and Item Name . You can see from the drop-down list for Sales Division that the four different entries in that column are available (Central, North East, South, and West) plus a couple of other options ((All), (Top 10), and (Custom)). Selecting “South”, for example, will restrict the display of data to only records where Sales Division is South. With the Autofilter, Market and Item Name can also be restricted in a similar fashion to see a very focussed view of the data in the list. Here, for example, only one record in the list passes the filter where Sales Division is South, Market is Charlotte, and Item Name is WHTHS- APL JC 46 OZ CAN. The Autofilter provides a
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VII-DataManagementEssentials - VII Data Management...

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