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1 15.053 February 5, 2002 z Introduction to Optimization Handouts: Lecture Notes 2 Overview z Course Description z Course Administration and Logistics z What is Management Science? z Linear Programming Examples MSR Marketing GTC z Handouts: Syllabus and General Info. Lecture Notes Homework Set 1 4 Required Materials z Coursepack (Course Reader) z Includes copies of chapters from Applied Mathematical Programming by Bradley, Hax & Magnanti z Class website: sloanspace.mit.edu z Other resources: Operations Research by Winston Introduction to Linear Optimization by Bertsimas & Tsitsiklis Network Flows by Ahuja, Magnanti & Orlin 5 Grading Policy z Homework assignments (27%) Weekly ( 10 in total ) Nonlinear grading scheme z Midterm Exams (25% each) Two in class modterms z Final Exam (25%) During Finals week Last 1/3 of subject + modeling z Yes, it does add up to 102%. 6 Course Policy (cont’d) z Webpage Includes class notes spreadsheets readings assignments (assignment 1 is already there) and more Slide #3 contains MIT specific information.
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7 Active Learning z Occasionally I will introduce a break in the lecture for you to work on your own or with a partner z Please identify your “partner” now. z Those on aisle ends may be in a group of size 3. 8 What is Operations Research? What is Management Science? z World War II : British military leaders asked scientists and engineers to analyze several military problems Deployment of radar Management of convoy, bombing, antisubmarine, and mining operations. z The result was called Military Operations Research , later Operations Research z MIT was one of the birthplaces of OR Professor Morse at MIT was a pioneer in the US Founded MIT OR Center and helped found ORSA 9 What is Management Science (Operations Research)? z Today: Operations Research and Management Science mean “the use of mathematical models in providing guidelines to managers for making effective decisions within the state of the current information, or in seeking further information if current knowledge is insufficient to reach a proper decision.” z c.f. Decision science, systems analysis, operational research, systems dynamics, operational analysis, engineering systems, systems engineering, and more. 10 Voices from the past z Waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both. Benjamin Franklin z Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage. Jawaharlal Nehru z It is more probable that the average man could, with no injury to his health, increase his efficiency fifty percent. Walter Scott 11 Operations Research Over the Years z 1947 Project Scoop (Scientific Computation of Optimum Programs) with George Dantzig and others. Developed the simplex method for linear programs.
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s02lec01 - 15.053 February 5, 2002 Overview Course...

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