Video 2 - percent of them did not survive When this happened planters started to become more dependent of slaves In New England God and family were

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Video 2 “English Settlement: New England and Virginia” 1. Compare and contrast the social classes in Virginia and New England colonies. In Virginia, the wealthy planters were at the top in society. They had large plantations and a large labor force, therefore bringing in large profits. The middle class consisted of freemen, the largest class. Freemen struggled a lot. Indentured servants and slaves were at the bottom of the class system. Virginia planters mostly used indentured servants because slaves were expensive. Woman servants would work in the house and were usually sexually abused. Bad conditions killed a lot of indentured servants. Forty
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Unformatted text preview: percent of them did not survive. When this happened, planters started to become more dependent of slaves. In New England, God and family were essential. Most men had their own land and worked it themselves, a difference from the people in Virginia. The wife usually did the house work. The children of the family would help work the land. One of the reasons the people of New England didn’t use a labor force was because of the type of agriculture they practiced. The top of the social class, the elite, were chosen by voters. Voters choose people who shared their views of religion....
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