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Video 4 “The Revolution: Boston Bloody Boston” 1. What were the major points of rebellion for the patriots and describe their course of action? The major points of rebellion for the patriots were the Stamp Act Rebellion and the Boston Tea Party. The British implemented the Stamp Act to force the colonist to help pay for the debt from the Seven Years war. The Stamp Act was the first time Parliament forced the colonist to pay. It put a tax on stamps, newspapers, and things that were printed. The Stamp Act infuriated the colonist. The Sons of Liberty wanted to have the Stamp Act repealed. They persuaded people to boycott British goods until the Stamp Act was rescinded. The colonists felt they were being taxed without
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Unformatted text preview: representation. Eventually, the Stamp Act was repealed. However, over the next four years, there were more acts put into place. The Boston Tea Party took place on 12/16/73. The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians. They went on the ship that was carrying tea to the colonist and dumped 243 crates (10,000lbs) of tea overboard. British rulers were furious. They produced the coercive acts to make an example of what happens when you defy Parliament. Parliament produced the Tea Act to save the East India Company from bankruptcy. There was a three cents tax for every pound of tea. The Tea Act was not repealed, Parliament wanted to show that they were still in charge....
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