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Video 6 “Searching For Stability” 1. What were the main disagreements of the founding fathers on how the new nation should be run? At this time, George Washington was elected the first president of the United States. Under his administration, Hamilton (secretary of treasury) and Jefferson (secretary of state) had different views on how things should be done. Hamilton was a Federalist and Jefferson was a Republican. Hamilton wanted the United States to be a pure Great Britain and Jefferson wanted to get rid of hierarchy. The Federalist felt that the U.S needed a strong, militarized central government. The Republican thought that a strong central government would lead to tyrants suppressing citizen’s rights so they supported a strong national government. One major disagreement between the both of them was what the economy should be like. Hamilton believed in
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Unformatted text preview: commercial development. He believed that the wealthy could help make the common people prosperous. On the other hand, Jefferson believed in agricultural production. However, it didn’t matter what Jefferson thought because Hamilton was the secretary of treasury. Hamilton disagreed with Madison on the plan of public credit. Madison believed that all original creditors should get their certifications but he didn’t get what he wanted. When it came to opening the Bank of the United States, Jefferson and Hamilton butted heads. Jefferson didn’t want to open the bank, claiming that it was not in the constitution for the United States to have a bank. Hamilton rebutted by saying that the Constitution had implied powers and that the Bank of the United States should be created. George Washington sided with Hamilton....
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