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Video 8 “The War of 1812” 1. What events kept the British from winning the war? What events kept the Americans from winning the war? Initially, the British couldn’t devote all their supplies or man power to invading the U.S because they were still fighting with the French. After the European war, the British were able to concentrate more on the United States. They advanced into Washington without any resistance and burned down the white house. Afterwards, the United States became a ghost town. However, a hurricane hit Washington while the British were still there; causing a lot of deaths that weakened the British. During a battle, a U.S sniper killed Ross, the commander of all the British forces. His death hurt the British physically and psychologically because he was a trusted
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Unformatted text preview: commander. Ross was replaced by Brook. The army’s different war tactics after under the command of Brook were ineffective. The American army consisted of the common-men: butchers, bakers, and candle stick makers. These men weren’t nearly as strong as the British redcoats. The U.S tried to wage war in Canada because it was the only British land holdings in North America. However, the U.S was unsuccessful. They were constantly defeated by the British army. The state militias were called in but a few refused to cooperate with their leaders. Armstrong, the secretary of war at the time, was blamed for Washington being burned down and was replaced by Monroe. In the end, neither the British nor the American benefited from the war of 1812....
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