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Video 9 “Democracy and Reform” 1. Why did the reform movement occur during the age of Jackson? Cite examples. Jackson was not brought up in a rich household. Working his way through the military and eventually becoming president, he showcased himself as the common man. With growing businesses, families shifted from making most of their stuff to buying most of them. Also, people in society began to worry about being saved after death. They felt that there was a loss of a connection to God in society. Shakers forbid alcohol and sex in an attempt to cleanse society.
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Unformatted text preview: The poor and the sick were in desperate need of better institutions. During age of Jackson, sanitation and living conditions improved. Also, prisoners began to get exercise time and orphanages received money to make the living conditions better for the children. Women and African Americans were excluded while all free white man gained the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth formed a list of grievances called the Declaration of Sentiments. This was a mostly female movement; however a few men did join the cause....
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