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Video 11 “A White Man’s Democracy” 1. What were the pros and cons of Jackson as a president? Do you believe he was a good or bad president and why? Jackson was portrayed as an authentic man of the people. Evidence of this came from the fact that he grew up poor, lacked education, and was still able to become president. He was a hero in the Battle of New Orleans, the first congressman of Tennessee, the Governor of Florida, and a senator. Jackson believed in states’ rights but thought too much would destroy the Union. Throughout his presidency, Jackson acquired more land by moving eastern Indians beyond the Mississippi. He killed the Bank of the United
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Unformatted text preview: States claiming that it only benefited the wealthy. Although Jackson did good things as president, he had a violent temper. He said that he believed in equality, yet he owned slaves. In the process of killing the Bank of the United Sates, he caused the panic of 1837. I believe Jackson was a bad president. He forcefully removed eastern Indians causing the ‘Trail of Tears” which in turn lead to many of them dying. Also, although he killed the Bank of the United States for good reason, it inevitably led to a depression. Jackson had the right ideas, but went about them the wrong way....
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