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Video 13 - importing city St Louis had connections to the...

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Video 13 “Crisis and Compromise” 1. Describe New York City, Sante Fe, and St. Louis in 1850. Contrast the economic and social structure. In 1850, a lot of people living in St. Louis and upstate New York were abolitionist. On the other hand, Santa Fe didn't have many abolitionists. Sante embodied people from St. Louis looking for independence. New York had an underground abolitionist movement; anti-slavery people had councils and meetings. New York was the United States’ greatest business and
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Unformatted text preview: importing city. St. Louis had connections to the East and the West. It was a departure point for slaves who desired their freedom. Most of the trade the U.S was involved in took place in St. Louis. This was due to the fact that St. Louis served as a gateway to the West and the meeting point of the North and South. After going to war with Mexico in 1846, the U.S acquired Mexico, increasing trade with Sante Fe. Unlike New York and St. Louis, Santa Fe had a fort....
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