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Prompt1 - thought a national bank was necessary in order...

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Prompt: What were the main disagreements of the founding fathers on how the new nation should run? 10/04/2011 Washington was the first president of American, and a brilliant one at that. He was a unique leader, listening to the advice his men gave him with deep consideration. Two outstanding men were a part of Washington’s team: Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton. These two were both equally political geniuses, however they differed as well. Hamilton believed the wealthy alone could run the nation. Public credit, banking, and manufacturers are what Hamilton supported. With the help of the wealthy, the central government could be strengthened. He viewed the national debt as a profit. He believed the federal government should assume responsibility of paying the remaining state debts. He also
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Unformatted text preview: thought a national bank was necessary in order for the nation to prosper. Tariffs was also part of Hamilton’s plans. They would accelerate the growth of a balanced economy, or at least that’s what Hamilton hoped for. Jefferson was a man of the people. He stood behind the common people and state rights. He refuted Hamilton’s idea of pure industry by stating American could not run on just industry. Farming and agriculture was the heart of America, he believed. The young republic would be threatened by the corrupt activities of pseudo-aristocrats. The protection of “liberty” was far more important than that of “property” and “civil order.”...
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