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Prompt - Americans attacked with lethal artillery and won...

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Prompt: What events caused the British to lose the war? What events caused the Americans to lose the war? 10/14/2011 The British lose the war because they decided to go into war with America despite fighting Napoleon in France. They were too full of themselves and underestimated the American army. When the British successfully burnt Washington, D.C., an unexpected hurricane appeared. It destroyed the British army, killing hundreds. Even worse, however, was the fact that a tornado attacked the capital simultaneously. It was a cruel meeting with fate as mother nature endangered the welfare of the redcoats. During the battle between General Ross and General Stricker, an American rifleman killed Ross. The death of Ross greatly weakened the British army. The soldiers felt as if they could not follow orders from anyone else. Ross’ replacement, Brooke, decided to invade Baltimore but was shocked to find heavy armed Americans in his path. The
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Unformatted text preview: Americans attacked with lethal artillery and won the battle in Baltimore. During the battle of Hapstead Hill, Brook tried o overtake the hill, but the Americans saw through his diversion. In the beginning of the war, it seemed America’s defeat was inevitable. When the first redcoat, Sir Alexander C, landed on American soil, he led several invasions, resulting in the incarcination of hundreds of American villages. General Roth penetrated the defense line of American, clearing Britain’s path to victory. The more devastating point in the war for America was when the British burnt down the White House and capital. The troops looted the houses, taking whatever they could sell back home. After the death of General Ross, his replacement Aurthor Brook, was able to distract the Americans with rockets. American General Stricker was forced to retreat....
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  • 2003 invasion of Iraq, British army, General Ross, General Stricker, successfully burnt Washington, American General Stricker

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Prompt - Americans attacked with lethal artillery and won...

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