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Early 19th Century Reform

Early 19th Century Reform - march along the Trail of Tears...

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Early 19 th Century Reform 9. Describe the reform movement during the Jacksonian period of democracy. Cite all examples. The Jacksonaian reform movement was a movement mostly demanding change and reform. During his movement, Jackson created the spoil system, which was a rotation of office holders. Jackson replaced almost all of his original cabinet appointees with the spoil system. Another thing Jackson wanted to do during his period of presidency was remove all the Indians beyond the Mississippi. He did this by forcing the Cherokee to
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Unformatted text preview: march along the Trail of Tears; conditions were very harsh and many Indians died. Additionally, Congress created the Force Bill and the compromise tariff of 1833. The Force Bill gave Jackson the military powers he wanted and the compromise tariff stipulated taxes. Lastly, during the Jacksonian period of democracy Jackson attacked the federal bank by removing deposits from Nicholas Biddle’s volts. Jackson had to overcome resistance in his own cabinet in order to do this....
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