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The Great Indian War1 - to increase the population They...

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The Great Indian Wars 9. How is the Indian culture different from white culture? Why was it difficult for the Indians to assimilate with the whites? The Indian culture is very different than the white culture. The Indians lived in teepees which size was restricted by carrying capacities. The materials for these teepees came from buffalos. Three poles formed a tripod base, shaping the teepee. Whites normally made houses out of sod when there weren’t any trees around. During the winter, Indians wore heavy coats which were made from buffalo fur. Indian women and men dressed simply for freedom of movement. Indians wore special things to symbolize bravery. For example, warriors would wear eagle feathers in their hair. The Indian social structure consisted of clams and villages unlike the whites’. Indian men had several wives
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Unformatted text preview: to increase the population. They participated in many events that brought them together. For instance, they would have celebrations consisting of bon fires, drum beating, and dancing. Rituals connected all of the Indian members to earth. It was difficult for Indians to assimilate with the whites because they were very different. They had different customs, clothing, language and cultures. Additionally, whites struggled to communicate with the Indians. Therefore, the whites greatly disliked them. Because of this, Indians were treated poorly and were sometimes used as slaves. Whites were also mad that the Indians lived on their land. Due to this, many wars erupted between the two cultures....
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