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What Man’s Democracy 9. What were the pros and cons of Jackson as president and do you believe he was a good or bad president and why? Andrew Jackson had many pros and cons as president. One major con was the Indian Removal Act. Jackson ignored the decision when the Supreme Court didn’t allow the state of Georgia to expel the Cherokee Indians. He then called for the removal of all Indians beyond the areas of the Mississippi and made the Treaty of Cherokee Removal. Military pressures eventually forced the Cherokee to march on a trek called the Trail of Tears. Almost 4,000 of 16,000 Cherokees died due to the harsh conditions. Another con during Jackson’s presidency was the Bank War. Jackson attacked the federal bank by
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Unformatted text preview: refusing to recharter it. He then withdrew money from the bank and placed it in state banks. Additionally, a major con was that Jackson saw nothing wrong with slavery. A pro during Jackson’s presidency was his firmness during the nullification crisis. It prevented South Carolina from dissolving the Union and helped postpone the Civil War for 30 years. Moreover, he identified himself with ordinary Americans rather than the wealthy class. In my opinion, despite all of the cons during his presidency, I think Jackson was a good president. He expanded the powers of presidency and miraculously paid off the national debt without a bank....
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