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War Is Hell 15. Was Sherman’s march to the sea necessary and what affect if any does it have in the south today? No, William Sherman’s march to the sea was not necessary. This is because it could only benefit the North. Before they went to war, the South already had problems with poverty, and Sherman’s march to the sea worsened these problems. It brought significant damage to industry and property; railroads were destroyed and Sherman’s men burned everything in their path. In addition, Sherman destroyed much of the South's
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Unformatted text preview: physical and psychological capacity to wage war. It created a city of ruinous of vacant houses and widowed women. Sherman’s march caused hundreds of confederate soldiers to dissert, cold hungry and barefoot. The affect that Sherman’s march to the sea had on the south today was it burned down many people’s homes and killed many people’s families. Many innocent people do not know who their ancestors are due to Sherman’s destructions....
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