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Discontent and Refo13 - expansion of the money supply In...

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Discontent and Reform Late-19th century American farmers experienced recurring periods of hardship The Democratic convention that year was swayed by one of the most famous speeches  in U.S. political history. Pleading with the convention not to "crucify mankind on a cross  of gold," William Jennings Bryan, the young Nebraskan champion of silver, won the  Democrats' presidential nomination. The Populists also endorsed Bryan. In the epic contest that followed, Bryan carried almost all the Southern and Western  states.  But he lost the more populated, industrial North and East – and the election – to  Republican candidate William McKinley. The following year the country's finances began to improve, in part owing to the  discovery of gold in Alaska and the Yukon. This provided a basis for a conservative 
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Unformatted text preview: expansion of the money supply. In 1898 the Spanish-American War drew the nation's attention further from Populist issues. Populism and the silver issue were dead. Many of the movement’s other reform ideas, however, lived on. THE STRUGGLES OF LABOR The life of a 19 th-century American industrial worker was hard. Even in good times wages were low, hours long, and working conditions hazardous. Little of the wealth that the growth of the nation had generated went to its workers. Moreover, women and children made up a high percentage of the work force in some industries and often received but a fraction of the wages a man could earn. Periodic economic crises swept the nation, further eroding industrial wages and producing high levels of unemployment....
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  • Fall '10
  • William Jennings Bryan, century American farmers, candidate William Mckinley, young Nebraskan champion, Populist issues.  Populism, U.S. political history.

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