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Discontent and Refor8 - accession coincided with a new...

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Discontent and Reform Late-19th century American farmers experienced recurring periods of hardship THE REFORM IMPULSE The presidential election of 1900 gave the American people a chance to pass judgment  on the Republican administration of President McKinley, especially its foreign policy.   Meeting at Philadelphia, the Republicans expressed jubilation over the successful  outcome of the war with Spain, the restoration of prosperity, and the effort to obtain new  markets through the Open Door policy. McKinley easily defeated his opponent, once  again William Jennings Bryan.  But the president did not live to enjoy his victory. In  September 1901, while attending an exposition in Buffalo, New York, he was shot down  by an assassin, the third president to be assassinated since the Civil War. Theodore Roosevelt, McKinley's vice president, assumed the presidency. Roosevelt's 
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Unformatted text preview: accession coincided with a new epoch in American political life and international relations. The continent was peopled; the frontier was disappearing. A small, formerly struggling republic had become a world power. The country's political foundations had endured the vicissitudes of foreign and civil war, the tides of prosperity and depression. Immense strides had been made in agriculture and industry. Free public education had been largely realized and a free press maintained. The ideal of religious freedom had been sustained. The influence of big business was now more firmly entrenched than ever, however, and local and municipal government often was in the hands of corrupt politicians....
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