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Discontent and Refor7 - The years 1902 to 1908 marked the...

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Discontent and Reform Late-19th century American farmers experienced recurring periods of hardship In response to the excesses of 19 th -century capitalism and political corruption, a reform  movement arose called "progressivism," which gave American politics and thought its  special character from approximately 1890 until the American entry into World War I in  1917. The Progressives had diverse objectives.  In general, however, they saw  themselves as engaged in a democratic crusade against the abuses of urban political  bosses and the corrupt “robber barons” of big business. Their goals were greater  democracy and social justice, honest government, more effective regulation of business,  and a revived commitment to public service.   They believed that expanding the scope of  government would ensure the progress of U.S. society and the welfare of its citizens.
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Unformatted text preview: The years 1902 to 1908 marked the era of greatest reform activity, as writers and journalists strongly protested practices and principles inherited from the 18thcentury rural republic that were proving inadequate for a 20thcentury urban state. Years before, in 1873, the celebrated author Mark Twain had exposed American society to critical scrutiny in The Gilded Age . Now, trenchant articles dealing with trusts, high finance, impure foods, and abusive railroad practices began to appear in the daily newspapers and in such popular magazines as McClure's and Collier's . Their authors, such as the journalist Ida M. Tarbell, who crusaded against the Standard Oil Trust, became known as "muckrakers."...
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