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Growth and Transformati24

Growth and Transformati24 - quickly they could not properly...

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Growth and Transformation After two great wars, the United States comes of age "Upon the sacredness of property, civilization itself depends."      -- Industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, 1889 Between two great wars – the Civil War and the First World War – the United States of  America came of age. In a period of less than 50 years it was transformed from a rural  republic to an urban nation. The frontier vanished. Great factories and steel mills,  transcontinental railroad lines, flourishing cities, and vast agricultural holdings marked  the land. With this economic growth and affluence came corresponding problems.  Nationwide, a few businesses came to dominate whole industries, either independently  or in combination with others. Working conditions were often poor. Cities grew so 
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Unformatted text preview: quickly they could not properly house or govern their growing populations. TECHNOLOGY AND CHANGE “The Civil War,” says one writer, “cut a wide gash through the history of the country; it dramatized in a stroke the changes that had begun to take place during the preceding 20 or 30 years. . ..” War needs had enormously stimulated manufacturing, speeding an economic process based on the exploitation of iron, steam, and electric power, as well as the forward march of science and invention. In the years before 1860, 36,000 patents were granted; in the next 30 years, 440,000 patents were issued, and in the first quarter of the 20th century, the number reached nearly a million....
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  • transcontinental railroad lines, vast agricultural holdings, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, great wars, vanished. Great factories

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