Growth and Transformati14

Growth and - segregated by law was segregated by custom and practice Further curtailment of the right to vote followed Periodic lynchings by mobs

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Growth and Transformation After two great wars, the United States comes of age In 1873 the Supreme Court found that the 14th Amendment (citizenship rights not to be  abridged) conferred no new privileges or immunities to protect African Americans from  state power. In 1883, furthermore, it ruled that the 14th Amendment did not prevent  individuals, as opposed to states, from practicing discrimination. And in  Plessy v.  Ferguson  (1896), the Court found that "separate but equal" public accommodations for  African Americans, such as trains and restaurants, did not violate their rights.  Soon the  principle of segregation by race extended into every area of Southern life, from railroads  to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools.  Moreover, any area of life that was not 
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Unformatted text preview: segregated by law was segregated by custom and practice. Further curtailment of the right to vote followed. Periodic lynchings by mobs underscored the region’s determination to subjugate its African-American population. Faced with pervasive discrimination, many African Americans followed Booker T. Washington, who counseled them to focus on modest economic goals and to accept temporary social discrimination. Others, led by the African-American intellectual W.E.B. Du Bois, wanted to challenge segregation through political action. But with both major parties uninterested in the issue and scientific theory of the time generally accepting black inferiority, demands for racial justice attracted little support....
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