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Growth and Transformatio6

Growth and Transformatio6 - months believing delay futile...

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Growth and Transformation After two great wars, the United States comes of age By 1895 Cuba's growing restiveness had become a guerrilla war of independence.   Most Americans were sympathetic with the Cubans, but President Cleveland was  determined to preserve neutrality. Three years later, however, during the administration  of William McKinley, the U.S. warship  Maine ,  sent to Havana on a “courtesy visit”  designed to remind the Spanish of American concern over the rough handling of the  insurrection, blew up in the harbor.  More than 250 men were killed.  The  Maine  was  probably destroyed by an accidental internal explosion, but most Americans believed the  Spanish were responsible.  Indignation, intensified by sensationalized press coverage,  swept across the country.  McKinley tried to preserve the peace, but within a few 
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Unformatted text preview: months, believing delay futile, he recommended armed intervention. The war with Spain was swift and decisive. During the four months it lasted, not a single American reverse of any importance occurred. A week after the declaration of war, Commodore George Dewey, commander of the six-warship Asiatic Squadron then at Hong Kong, steamed to the Philippines. Catching the entire Spanish fleet at anchor in Manila Bay, he destroyed it without losing an American life. Meanwhile, in Cuba, troops landed near Santiago, where, after winning a rapid series of engagements, they fired on the port. Four armored Spanish cruisers steamed out of Santiago Bay to engage the American navy and were reduced to ruined hulks....
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  • Commodore George Dewey, U.S. warship Maine, accidental internal explosion, six­warship Asiatic Squadron, armored Spanish cruisers, entire Spanish fleet

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