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Growth and - influence the Mexican revolution and stop raids into American territory President Woodrow Wilson sent 11,000 troops into the northern

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Growth and Transformation After two great wars, the United States comes of age Elsewhere in Latin America, the United States fell into a pattern of fitful intervention.  Between 1900 and 1920, the United States carried out sustained interventions in six  Western Hemispheric nations – most notably Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and  Nicaragua.  Washington offered a variety of justifications for these interventions: to  establish political stability and democratic government, to provide a favorable  environment for U.S. investment (often called dollar diplomacy), to secure the sea lanes  leading to the Panama Canal, and even to prevent European countries from forcibly  collecting debts.  The United States had pressured the French into removing troops from  Mexico in 1867.  Half a century later, however, as part of an ill-starred campaign to 
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Unformatted text preview: influence the Mexican revolution and stop raids into American territory, President Woodrow Wilson sent 11,000 troops into the northern part of the country in a futile effort to capture the elusive rebel and outlaw Francisco "Pancho" Villa. Exercising its role as the most powerful – and most liberal – of Western Hemisphere nations, the United States also worked to establish an institutional basis for cooperation among the nations of the Americas. In 1889 Secretary of State James G. Blaine proposed that the 21 independent nations of the Western Hemisphere join in an organization dedicated to the peaceful settlement of disputes and to closer economic bonds. The result was the Pan-American Union, founded in 1890 and known today as the Organization of American States (OAS)....
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