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The Formation of a National Governme27

The Formation of a National Governme27 - representative...

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The Formation of a National Government Leaders crafted constitutional, legal basis for young nation Other states enlarged the list of liberties to freedom of speech, of assembly, and of  petition.  Their constitutions frequently included such provisions as the right to bear  arms, to a writ of habeas corpus, to inviolability of domicile, and to equal protection  under the law.  Moreover, all prescribed a three-branch structure of government –  executive, legislative, and judiciary – each checked and balanced  by the others. Pennsylvania's constitution was the most radical. In that state,  Philadelphia artisans, Scots-Irish frontiersmen, and German-speaking farmers had  taken control. The provincial congress adopted a constitution that permitted every male  taxpayer and his sons to vote, required rotation in office (no one could serve as a 
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Unformatted text preview: representative more than four years out of every seven), and set up a single-chamber legislature. The state constitutions had some glaring limitations, particularly by more recent standards. Constitutions established to guarantee people their natural rights did not secure for everyone the most fundamental natural right – equality. The colonies south of Pennsylvania excluded their slave populations from their inalienable rights as human beings. Women had no political rights. No state went so far as to permit universal male suffrage, and even in those states that permitted all taxpayers to vote (Delaware, North Carolina, and Georgia, in addition to Pennsylvania), office-holders were required to own a certain amount of property....
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