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n The Formation of a National Governmen1

n The Formation of a National Governmen1 - passing further...

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n  The Formation of a National Government Leaders crafted constitutional, legal basis for young nation Farmers probably suffered the most from economic difficulties following the Revolution.  The supply of farm produce exceeded demand; unrest centered chiefly among farmer- debtors who wanted strong remedies to avoid foreclosure on their property and  imprisonment for debt. Courts were clogged with suits for payment filed by their  creditors.  All through the summer of 1786, popular conventions and informal gatherings  in several states demanded reform in the state administrations. That autumn, mobs of farmers in Massachusetts under the leadership of a former army  captain, Daniel Shays, began forcibly to prevent the county courts from sitting and 
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Unformatted text preview: passing further judgments for debt, pending the next state election. In January 1787 a ragtag army of 1,200 farmers moved toward the federal arsenal at Springfield. The rebels, armed chiefly with staves and pitchforks, were repulsed by a small state militia force; General Benjamin Lincoln then arrived with reinforcements from Boston and routed the remaining Shaysites, whose leader escaped to Vermont. The government captured 14 rebels and sentenced them to death, but ultimately pardoned some and let the others off with short prison terms. After the defeat of the rebellion, a newly elected legislature, whose majority sympathized with the rebels, met some of their demands for debt relief....
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