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The Formation of a National Governme22 - experience. Roger...

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The Formation of a National Government Leaders crafted constitutional, legal basis for young nation Prominent among the more active members were two Pennsylvanians: Gouverneur  Morris, who clearly saw the need for national government, and James Wilson, who  labored indefatigably for the national idea. Also elected by Pennsylvania was Benjamin  Franklin, nearing the end of an extraordinary career of public service and scientific  achievement. From Virginia came James Madison, a practical young statesman, a  thorough student of politics and history, and, according to a colleague, "from a spirit of  industry and application . .. the best-informed man on any point in debate."  He would be  recognized as the "Father of the Constitution." Massachusetts sent Rufus King and Elbridge Gerry, young men of ability and 
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Unformatted text preview: experience. Roger Sherman, shoemaker turned judge, was one of the representatives from Connecticut. From New York came Alexander Hamilton, who had proposed the meeting. Absent from the Convention were Thomas Jefferson, who was serving as minister representing the United States in France, and John Adams, serving in the same capacity in Great Britain. Youth predominated among the 55 delegates–the average age was 42. Congress had authorized the Convention merely to draft amendments to the Articles of Confederation but, as Madison later wrote, the delegates, "with a manly confidence in their country," simply threw the Articles aside and went ahead with the building of a wholly new form of government....
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