The Formation of a National Governme19

The Formation of a National Governme19 - would have full...

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The Formation of a National Government Leaders crafted constitutional, legal basis for young nation There was no serious difference on such national economic questions as paper money,  laws concerning contract obligations, or the role of women, who were excluded from  politics. But there was a need for balancing sectional economic interests; for settling  arguments as to the powers, term, and selection of the chief executive; and for solving  problems involving the tenure of judges and the kind of courts to be established. Laboring through a hot Philadelphia summer, the convention finally achieved a draft  incorporating in a brief document the organization of the most complex government yet  devised – one that would be supreme within a clearly defined and limited sphere.  It 
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Unformatted text preview: would have full power to levy taxes, borrow money, establish uniform duties and excise taxes, coin money, regulate interstate commerce, fix weights and measures, grant patents and copyrights, set up post offices, and build post roads. It also was authorized to raise and maintain an army and navy, manage Native-American affairs, conduct foreign policy, and wage war. It could pass laws for naturalizing foreigners and controlling public lands; it could admit new states on a basis of absolute equality with the old. The power to pass all necessary and proper laws for executing these clearly defined powers rendered the federal government able to meet the needs of later generations and of a greatly expanded body politic....
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