n The Formation of a National Government

n The Formation of a National Government - turn many...

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n  The Formation of a National Government Leaders crafted constitutional, legal basis for young nation The embargo failed to starve Great Britain into a change of policy.  As the grumbling at  home increased, Jefferson turned to a milder measure, which partially conciliated  domestic shipping interests. In early 1809 he signed the Non-Intercourse Act permitting  commerce with all countries except Britain or France and their dependencies. James Madison succeeded Jefferson as president in 1809.  Relations with Great Britain  grew worse, and the two countries moved rapidly toward war. The president laid before  Congress a detailed report, showing several thousand instances in which the British had  impressed American citizens. In addition, northwestern settlers had suffered from  attacks by Indians whom they believed had been incited by British agents in Canada. In 
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Unformatted text preview: turn, many Americans favored conquest of Canada and the elimination of British influence in North America, as well as vengeance for impressment and commercial repression. By 1812, war fervor was dominant. On June 18, the United States declared war on Britain. THE WAR OF 1812 The nation went to war bitterly divided. While the South and West favored the conflict, New York and New England opposed it because it interfered with their commerce. The U.S. military was weak. The army had fewer than 7,000 regular soldiers, distributed in widely scattered posts along the coast, near the Canadian border, and in the remote interior. The state militias were poorly trained and undisciplined....
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