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The Road to Independenc8 - ready to fight in a minute –...

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The Road to Independence Rebellion that made a  new  nation THE REVOLUTION BEGINS General Thomas Gage, an amiable English gentleman with an American-born wife,  commanded the garrison at Boston, where political activity had almost wholly replaced  trade. Gag e's main duty in the colonies had been to enforce the Coercive Acts. When news  reached him that the Massachusetts colonists were collecting powder and military  stores at the town of Concord, 32 kilometers away, Gage sent a strong detail to  confiscate these munitions. After a night of marching, the British troops reached the village of Lexington on April 19,  1775, and saw a grim band of 77 Minutemen – so named because they were said to be 
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Unformatted text preview: ready to fight in a minute – through the early morning mist. The Minutemen intended only a silent protest, but Marine Major John Pitcairn, the leader of the British troops, yelled, "Disperse, you damned rebels! You dogs, run!" The leader of the Minutemen, Captain John Parker, told his troops not to fire unless fired at first. The Americans were withdrawing when someone fired a shot, which led the British troops to fire at the Minutemen. The British then charged with bayonets, leaving eight dead and 10 wounded. In the often-quoted phrase of 19 th century poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, this was "the shot heard round the world."...
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