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Arrival of Native Americans and Europea10

Arrival of Native Americans and Europea10 - Puritans sought...

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Arrival of Native Americans and Europeans It was not long, however, before a development occurred that revolutionized Virginia's  economy. In 1612 John Rolfe began crossbreeding imported tobacco seed from the  West Indies with native plants and produced a new variety that was pleasing to  European taste. The first shipment of this tobacco reached London in 1614. Within a  decade it had become Virginia's chief source of revenue. Prosperity did not come quickly, however, and the death rate from disease and Indian  attacks remained extraordinarily high. Between 1607 and 1624 approximately 14,000  people migrated to the colony, yet only 1,132 were living there in 1624. On  recommendation of a royal commission, the king dissolved the Virginia Company, and  made it a royal colony that year. MASSACHUSETTS During the religious upheavals of the 16th century, a body of men and women called 
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Unformatted text preview: Puritans sought to reform the Established Church of England from within. Essentially, they demanded that the rituals and structures associated with Roman Catholicism be replaced by simpler Calvinist Protestant forms of faith and worship. Their reformist ideas, by destroying the unity of the state church, threatened to divide the people and to undermine royal authority. In 1607 a small group of Separatists – a radical sect of Puritans who did not believe the Established Church could ever be reformed – departed for Leyden, Holland, where the Dutch granted them asylum. However, the Calvinist Dutch restricted them mainly to low-paid laboring jobs. Some members of the congregation grew dissatisfied with this discrimination and resolved to emigrate to the New World....
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