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Arrival of Native Americans and Europea11 - the bay. Made...

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Arrival of Native Americans and Europeans The journey entailed careful planning and management, as well as considerable  expense and risk. Settlers had to be transported nearly 5,000 kilometers across the sea.  They needed utensils, clothing, seed, tools, building materials, livestock, arms, and  ammunition.  In contrast to the colonization policies of other countries and other periods,  the emigration from England was not directly sponsored by the government but by  private groups of individuals whose chief motive was profit. JAMESTOWN The first of the British colonies to take hold in North America was Jamestown.  On the  basis of a charter which King James I granted to the Virginia (or London) company, a  group of about 100 men set out for the Chesapeake Bay in 1607. Seeking to avoid  conflict with the Spanish, they chose a site about 60 kilometers up the James River from 
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Unformatted text preview: the bay. Made up of townsmen and adventurers more interested in finding gold than farming, the group was unequipped by temperament or ability to embark upon a completely new life in the wilderness. Among them, Captain John Smith emerged as the dominant figure. Despite quarrels, starvation, and Native-American attacks, his ability to enforce discipline held the little colony together through its first year. In 1609 Smith returned to England, and in his absence, the colony descended into anarchy. During the winter of 1609-1610, the majority of the colonists succumbed to disease. Only 60 of the original 300 settlers were still alive by May 1610. That same year, the town of Henrico (now Richmond) was established farther up the James River....
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