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Arrival of Native Americans and European9

Arrival of Native Americans and European9 - trade based on...

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Arrival of Native Americans and Europeans In 1620, a group of Leyden Puritans secured a land patent from the Virginia Company.   Numbering 101, they set out for Virginia on the  Mayflower . A storm sent them far north  and they landed in New England on Cape Cod.  Believing themselves outside the  jurisdiction of any organized government, the men drafted a formal agreement to abide  by "just and equal laws" drafted by leaders of their own choosing. This was the  Mayflower Compact. In December the  Mayflower  reached Plymouth harbor; the Pilgrims began to build their  settlement during the winter. Nearly half the colonists died of exposure and disease, but  neighboring Wampanoag Indians provided the information that would sustain them: how  to grow maize. By the next fall, the Pilgrims had a plentiful crop of corn, and a growing 
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Unformatted text preview: trade based on furs and lumber. A new wave of immigrants arrived on the shores of Massachusetts Bay in 1630 bearing a grant from King Charles I to establish a colony. Many of them were Puritans whose religious practices were increasingly prohibited in England. Their leader, John Winthrop, urged them to create a "city upon a hill" in the New World – a place where they would live in strict accordance with their religious beliefs and set an example for all of Christendom. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was to play a significant role in the development of the entire New England region, in part because Winthrop and his Puritan colleagues were able to bring their charter with them. Thus the authority for the colony's government resided in Massachusetts, not in England....
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