Geography - Geography Beringia -Wisconsin glaciation...

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Geography Beringia -Wisconsin glaciation Beringia - deglaciation period Beringia - present day The Bering Strait , the Chukchi Sea to the north and the Bering Sea to the south, are all shallow seas (see maps). During cycles of global cooling, such as the most recent ice age , enough sea water became concentrated in the ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctic , so that the subsequent drop in eustatic sea levels exposed shallow sea-floors that have subsequently re-flooded. Other land bridges around the world have emerged and disappeared in the same way. Approximately 14,000 years ago,
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mainland Australia was linked to both New Guinea and Tasmania ; the British Isles formed an extension of continental Europe via the dry beds of the English Channel and North Sea ; and the dry basin of the South China Sea linked Sumatra , Java and Borneo to the Asian mainland. The rise and fall of global sea levels exposed and submerged the bridging land mass called "Beringia" in several periods of the Pleistocene
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Geography - Geography Beringia -Wisconsin glaciation...

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