Llanquihue glaciation

Llanquihue glaciation - seems to have developed at least in...

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Llanquihue glaciation, southern Andes Map showing the extent of the Patagonian Ice Sheet in the Strait of Magellan area during the last glacial period. Selected modern settlements are shown with yellow dots. The Llanquihue glaciation takes its name from Llanquihue Lake in southern Chile which is a fan- shaped piedmont glacial lake . On the lake's western shores there are large moraine systems of which the innermost belong to the last glacial period. Llanquihue Lake's varves are a node point in southern Chile's varve geochronology . During the last glacial maximum the Patagonian Ice Sheet extended over the Andes from about 35°S to Tierra del Fuego at 55°S. The western part appears to have been very active, with wet basal conditions, while the eastern part was cold based. Palsas
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Unformatted text preview: seems to have developed at least in the unglaciated parts of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego . The area west of Llanquihue Lake was ice-free during the LGM , and had sparsely distributed vegetation dominated by Nothofagus . Valdivian temperate rainforest was reduced to scattered remnants in the western side of the Andes. [34] Modelled maximum extent of the Antarctic ice sheet 21,000 years before present [ edit ] Antarctica glaciation During the last glacial period Antarctica was blanketed by a massive ice sheet, much like it is today. The ice covered all land areas and extended into the ocean onto the middle and outer continental shelf. [35] [36] According to ice modelling, ice over central East Antarctica was generally thinner than today....
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Llanquihue glaciation - seems to have developed at least in...

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