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Arrival of Native Americans and Europeans Further to the south, a Swedish trading company with ties to the Dutch attempted to set  up its first settlement along the Delaware River three years later. Without the resources  to consolidate its position, New Sweden was gradually absorbed into New Netherland,  and later, Pennsylvania and Delaware. In 1632 the Catholic Calvert family obtained a charter for land north of the Potomac  River from King Charles I in what became known as Maryland. As the charter did not  expressly prohibit the establishment of non-Protestant churches, the colony became a  haven for Catholics.  Maryland's first town, St. Mary's, was established in    1634 near  where the Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay. While establishing a refuge for Catholics, who faced increasing persecution in Anglican 
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Unformatted text preview: England, the Calverts were also interested in creating profitable estates. To this end, and to avoid trouble with the British government, they also encouraged Protestant immigration. Marylands royal charter had a mixture of feudal and modern elements. On the one hand the Calvert family had the power to create manorial estates. On the other, they could only make laws with the consent of freemen (property holders). They found that in order to attract settlers and make a profit from their holdings they had to offer people farms, not just tenancy on manorial estates. The number of independent farms grew in consequence. Their owners demanded a voice in the affairs of the colony. Maryland's first legislature met in 1635....
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