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Arrival of Native Americans and Europeans The Iroquois League stayed strong until the American Revolution. Then, for the first  time, the council could not reach a unanimous decision on whom to support.  Member  tribes made their own decisions, some fighting with the British, some with the colonists,  some remaining neutral. As a result, everyone fought against the Iroquois. Their losses  were great and the league never recovered. SECOND GENERATION OF BRITISH COLONIES The religious and civil conflict in England in the mid-17th century limited immigration, as  well as the attention the mother country paid the fledgling American colonies. In part to provide for the defense measures England was neglecting, the Massachusetts  Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven colonies formed the New England  Confederation in 1643. It was the European colonists' first attempt at regional unity.
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Unformatted text preview: The early history of the British settlers reveals a good deal of contention – religious and political – as groups vied for power and position among themselves and their neighbors. Maryland, in particular, suffered from the bitter religious rivalries that afflicted England during the era of Oliver Cromwell. One of the casualties was the state's Toleration Act, which was revoked in the 1650s. It was soon reinstated, however, along with the religious freedom it guaranteed. With the restoration of King Charles II in 1660, the British once again turned their attention to North America. Within a brief span, the first European settlements were established in the Carolinas and the Dutch driven out of New Netherland. New proprietary colonies were established in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania....
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