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Bridge to the 21st Century The Clinton and Bush II years On October 12, 2000, suicide bombers rammed a speedboat into the U.S. Navy  destroyer  Cole , on a courtesy visit to Yemen. Heroic action by the crew kept the ship  afloat, but 17 sailors were killed. Bin Laden had pretty clearly been behind the attacks in  Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Yemen, but he was beyond reach unless the administration  was prepared to invade Afghanistan to search for him. The Clinton administration was never willing to take such a step. It even shrank from the  possibility of assassinating him if others might be killed in the process. The attacks had  been remote and widely separated. It was easy to accept them as unwelcome but 
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Unformatted text preview: inevitable costs associated with superpower status. Bin Laden remained a serious nuisance, but not a top priority for an administration that was nearing its end. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2000 AND THE WAR ON TERROR The Democratic Party nominated Vice President Al Gore to head its ticket in 2000. To oppose him, the Republicans chose George W. Bush, the governor of Texas and son of former president George H.W. Bush. Gore ran as a dedicated liberal, intensely concerned with damage to the environment and determined to seek more assistance for the less privileged sectors of American society. He seemed to position himself to the left of President Clinton....
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