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Bridge to the 21st Centu27

Bridge to the 21st Centu27 - new millennium moreover its...

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Bridge to the 21st Century The Clinton and Bush II years For most Americans the 1990s would be a time of peace, prosperity, and rapid  technological change. Some attributed this to the “Reagan Revolution” and the end of  the Cold War, others to the  return  of a Democrat to the presidency. During this period.  the majority of Americans – political affiliation aside – asserted their support for  traditional family values, often grounded in their faiths.  New York Times  columnist David  Brooks suggested that the country was experiencing “moral self-repair,” as “many of the  indicators of social breakdown, which shot upward in the late 1960s and 1970s, and  which plateaued at high levels in the 1980s,” were now in decline. Improved crime and other social statistics aside, American politics remained ideological,  emotional, and characterized by intense divisions. Shortly after the nation entered the 
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Unformatted text preview: new millennium, moreover, its post-Cold War sense of security was jolted by an unprecedented terrorist attack that launched it on a new and difficult international track. 1992 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION As the 1992 presidential election approached, Americans found themselves in a world transformed in ways almost unimaginable four years earlier. The familiar landmarks of the Cold War – from the Berlin Wall to intercontinental missiles and bombers on constant high alert – were gone. Eastern Europe was independent, the Soviet Union had dissolved, Germany was united, Arabs and Israelis were engaged in direct negotiations, and the threat of nuclear conflict was greatly diminished. It was as though one great history volume had closed and another had opened....
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