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Bridge to the 21st Century The Clinton and Bush II years Less than 20 years after its introduction, the PC had become a familiar item, not simply  in business offices of all types, but in homes throughout America. Vastly more powerful  than anyone could have imagined two decades earlier, able to store enormous amounts  of data, available at the cost of a good refrigerator, it became a common appliance in  American homes. Employing prepackaged software, people used it for bookkeeping, word processing, or  as a depository for music, photos, and video. The rise of the Internet, which grew out of  a previously closed defense data network, provided access to information of all sorts,  created new shopping opportunities, and established e-mail as a common mode of 
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Unformatted text preview: communication. The popularity of the mobile phone created a huge new industry that cross-fertilized with the PC. Instant communication and lightning-fast data manipulation speeded up the tempo of many businesses, greatly enhancing productivity and creating new opportunities for profit. Fledgling industries that fed demand for the new equipment became multi-billion-dollar companies almost overnight, creating an enormous new middle class of software technicians, managers, and publicists. A final impetus was the turn of the millennium. A huge push to upgrade outdated computing equipment that might not recognize the year 2000 brought data technology spending to a peak....
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  • new middle class, previously closed defense, huge new industry, new shopping opportunities, profit. Fledgling industries, lightning­fast data manipulation

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